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June 10 2016


Bulk SMS marketing ideas for Easter

Easter is generally considered a celebration of new beginnings, renewal. Easter means chocolate eggs, Easter bunny and 4 day long weekend.  

But, you must not forget that while schools are closed and homes are thus filled with the excitement that only the idea of tempting chocolate eggs can bring, for the business world however it is another great time for the business. Don’t get too engulfed in the celebrations and postpone things until ‘after the holidays’, but instead, think about how this seasonal celebration can assist your SMS marketing efforts.

For all marketers, this is a great time to ramp up your bulk SMS marketing campaigns and leverage the Easter weekend. Start creating new campaigns now because the opportunities are innumerable.

Clubs/pubs: Socializing will be this holiday season, like always.
Cafes/restaurants: Families love to enjoy sumptuous meals during the holiday period.
Retail: The latest collection is in the store, clients will be excited to hear about new arrivals, discounts and offers.
Weekends away for two: with the long Easter weekend, romantic getaways are common.
Family adventure breaks: the kids are excited to get away.
Family hotel breaks: Families love to visit exotic locations and stay in luxurious hotels. 
Stags/Hens: This market is prevalent year round. So, target people who are getting married this year by giving them offers on clubbing, pubbing, partying out and eating.

Worldwide, each year, billions of pounds of chocolate are consumed and what can be a better time than Easter to trade in on world’s sweet temptation.   

So why bulk SMS?

In addition, to the clear cost effectiveness of text message marketing, there are a number of other benefits of SMS marketing too; here we are listing a few of them.

More people use SMS Gateway API over phone calls. You will be surprised to know 97.5% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of being received.
Studies show that 81% of adults keep their mobile phones switched on at all times, even when sleeping.

Sending an SMS is not just read faster than an email, but it is more likely to be opened and read, other than the fact that most emails can get lost in spam or junk folders.

More importantly response rates for SMS are four times higher than other direct communication channels.

These facts can’t be denied.

So, why not this Easter, make the use of smart messaging service. Smart messaging service allows you to conduct high volume, SMS marketing campaigns, by sending texts to people in your subscribers list.

You can send your text messages instantly, as well as schedule it at a time when more responses are expected. So, start by finding a reputed bulk SMS service provider now.

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May 12 2016


Your guide to SMS gateway API

Are you considering integrating SMS in your applications that you use in your company every day, including SMS for POS systems, SMS for credit control, SMS service reminders, SMS appointment confirmations, email 2 SMS? Do you think that as a start up or SME PHP SMS API integration is way above your capability or means? Remember not everything that you feel or think can be true. So stop assuming and contact a SMS gateway API provider to get exact understanding.

Why you must consider sending SMS through HTTP

Today a number of websites are using text messages to communicate regularly with their clients, promote their products and services, thus, bulk SMS has become widely popular amongst businesses. So, by integrating HTTP SMS API you can also make SMS an important part of your business methodology and working. 

HTTP API is most popular API, as it lets you to integrate SMS services into your own application/System for improved functionality.

Benefits of using HTTP API/ bulk SMS gateway:

1. HTTP API/ Bulk SMS gateway can send hundreds of message at once via any type of portal or application
2. You can easily check the balance of your account with expiry date through your portal/application
3. You can also check the delivery status of a single or group SMS in a single place without the need to login in your web interface
4. It lets you improve your customer support
5. Assists you in keeping your customers notified about the latest deals, offer or new launches
6. Lets you notify them about every small and big thing

How to send bulk SMS using HTTP?

 Customers who wish to send SMS using SMS HTTP API can start by integrating the API in their app or system to start sending messages. Gateway can be accessed through HTTP protocol by submitting values by GET method with all the mandatory message parameters and contact number. Your need to have the following:

Recipients mobile number
Send ID

How to integrate Bulk SMS in PHP?

PHP being the widely used technology PHP SMS API is also very popular amongst developers. So, if you have a software or website that uses PHP then here are simple steps to get started using bulk SMS.

1. Create a Bulk SMS account with a reputed bulk SMS service provider
2. Generate API password
3. Include SMSGateway.php file to your application
4. Start use it

PHP Code Example:
$api = new BulkSMSAPI(array(
"username" => "yourBulkSMSAPIUsername",
"password" => "yourBulkSMSAPIPassword"
));$text = "Your message here";// Use this number for testing purposes. This is absolutely free.
$phones = array(9897123456);
$results = $api->send($text, $phones, true);

When looking for a Transactional SMS API service provider, make sure you find an established, trusted and reputed provider to ensure a hassle free and smooth bulk SMS sending experience. A number of free bulk SMS portals are also available but they don’t give you so much facility and have limited features so, research your options well before you choose one.

April 20 2016


How IT And Security Companies Can Use Bulk SMS

Usually organizations think that Bulk SMS is only for retailers or businesses who want to sell their products or services to the clients. But, that is not true, Bulk SMS services can be used for a number of purposes.

This might sound surprising, but today a number of IT and security companies use bulk SMS solutions, to improve their communication channel and make the communication smoother and faster. Certainly, in response to emergencies, quick communication is crucial, and it is a key challenge because emergencies can occur any time.
Moreover, in a major global company with crucial client information and billions of dollars on the line, every second is important. Here are a few ways how IT and security companies can use bulk SMS.
Support management

In addition to response and security advantages, there are communication advantages of using Transactional SMS API in IT firm. Like, automated text message notification can assist people in your firm to keep record of ticket progress, they send updates when a ticket is entered, work began or a job has been at the same level for too long. They can serve as great reminders for a supervisor to get updates or provider to meet a certain time frame.  

Two factor authentication

Cybercrimes are constantly increasing and IT firms need to be very careful in order to avoid a security breach. Other than following usual best practices for online security, like firewalls and protecting data with encryption, text message based two factor authentication can help in protecting you and your customers against cyber thefts.

There are several different factors in the authentication process, like knowledge. This piece of information is unique to a user like possession, password, which is an exclusive item like a credit card and inheritence, which are typically biological traits like fingerprint.

The most convenient and pocket friendly solution is to use knowledge along with a possessing a mobile phone. When a user enters a correct password and verifies his or her identity through text message, the security is improved greatly, which in turn decreases possibilities of fraud and gives peace of mind to all parties.

System status alerts

According to a study by Fortune 500 companies, the average organization experiences at least 1.6 hours of IT system downtime in a week. If we calculate that at an hourly rate of $56 that will make about $46 million in expenses.

Imagine if you could cut down those numbers of half or even a third, then your IT organization can save a handsome amount of money, and your customer would be pleased, due to the additional efficiency.

Most downtime is unavoidable, but how you respond to it is really important. Text message can notify you almost instantly when something goes wrong, and that provides you a significant edge in the speed of your response and cut down the amount of time it takes to restore the system to complete working condition. 

These are just a few helpful ways to use bulk SMS service in IT and security companies. But, according to your workflow and way of working you can determine that in how many ways you can use bulk SMS solutions to improve working and client support.

Automation: Scheduling SMS to go out at a particular time means you never have to worry about sending those reminders in future- they will be sent automatically.

Simplicity: SMS are great for no-mess and concise communications. Rather than sending a long drawn-out memo email, you compact your message to 160 characters.

Speed: SMS are sent and received immediately, which differentiates them as one of the quickest communication channel and that is particularly valuable in time-sensitive situations. 

These are just a few advantages of using bulk SMS API service in IT and security organizations. So, get started by finding a reputed and established bulk SMS service now.

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